the winds, indeed

sign in the airport

the alaska 737-200 combi we flew in on. half of the plane is cargo space;
there were around 35-40 actual seats.

there is cable, but phone service is also delivered via satellite; we called a bunch of our
friends and had fun with the delay. there is no cell phone service whatsoever on adak.

better watch out

our street

our truck. official use only, natch. it had no radio or speakers, and the
check engine light kept coming on.

it also had no license plates. there was nobody around to
care; all the land in town is privately held.

adak general store

awesome well-preserved phone booths inside the store building

100 residents is too few to support a mcdonalds; they left when the navy did

i wish houses looked like this in the lower 48

street signs can't take the 115mph winds during the winter

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