i was in south central/anchorage for around twenty-four hours; much of that
time was spent on the road to other places (see the sections on whittier).

anchorage felt kind of big and wide, but otherwise boring (after adak,

ugly overpass outside the airport

relaxing for a bit in our room at the really nice (and inexpensive) qupqugiaq
inn, in downtown anchorage

god loves oil

yay bikes

when you drive aimlessly around downtown, you see a lot of energy companies'

cash alaska, spenard st

we ended up at this really rad place called the moose's tooth; i ate this
entire olive + tomato + feta pizza and boy was it good

we needed to go on a rampage so we went to wal-mart to grab some guns

it was against the rules at the qupqugiaq to drink in the room. yes, i'm not
kidding. yes, we're adults. so i did the next best thing: walked across the
street & drank two big cans of sapporo while loitering on the sidewalk in
front of the liquor store.

i like libraries but we didn't have time to go in

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