we rented one half of a duplex in adak's "sandy cove housing", the newest
subdivision. it was really large (two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a big
kitchen). according to dona, the woman at the housing authority, it was one of the nicest units; some state senator had stayed there just before we got there.

the phone book

a map of the subdivision. we were in 182B

these things were attached to things all over the house. i am still
waiting to find out what the penalty will be..


so many ice trays

i found part of a xeroxed map of the city in one of the buildings and
assembled it on our kitchen table. finally, we knew where we were..

the first night we were stranded on adak (our plane wouldn't land), i got
bored and checked out the (unoccupied) other half of the duplex.

the sunroom in the rain

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